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Updated Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Today’s Key Issues

  • High Water Starved Rock to Lemont- The recent rain event that moved through the Illinois area, there will be little to no vessel traffic movement for most of the week due to High Flows Starved Rock (IR231) to Lemont.
  • Montgomery Locks and Dam (OR 32) Main Chamber Closed for miter gates repair from 10-29-21 through 12-22-21. Auxiliary Chamber in use, but significant DELAYS expected. The original date of closure was to begin on 10-25-21.
  • West Canal Closure MM 20 – The West Canal expected to reopen noon Friday 10/29 west of Algiers. Has been closed since 8/30 due to heavy shoaling following Hurricane IDA. NOLA to Houston has re-routed through the Port Allen Route. Expect the additional transit time and delays on the Port Allen to increase transit by 2-days in either direction.
  • Bayou Sorrel Intermittent Closures – Bayou Sorrel Lock to close intermittently 0700 – 1800 10/22 through 11/1 for emergency repairs to the guide wall. Due to this work, expect further delays NOLA – Houston.
  • Lower Miss Revetment Work – Intermittent Southbound closures during working hours 0700 – 1800 to begin 10/20-10/22 at MM 671. Expect work in the channel for 7-9 days to impact transits. Work may see stoppages due to material, in which case traffic will run as normal.
  • Wilson Lock (TR 259)MAIN Chamber is open on a limited basis. Will lock southbound during the daylight and northbound during the night. Auxiliary Chamber used throughout. Lockages will stop when flows reach 275,000 cfs or spillway gates 1-26 adjacent to the lock are in operation. Main Chamber closed from 10-26-21 thru 11-11-21 for repairs. Auxiliary Chamber used during repairs.
  • Kentucky Lock ( TR22.3) – Kentucky Lock closed from 0600 hours on 11-1-21 to 1800 hours 11-24-21 and again from 0600 hours 11-29-21 to 1800 hours on 12-10-21 to make needed repairs to the miter gate operating machinery. During this closure the lock will reopen for 4 consecutive days, 24 November through 29 November, to alleviate traffic. During the periods of closure, Barkley Lock and Dam (Mile30.6 Cumberland River) via the Barkley Canal will be available to pass traffic.

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