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Tuesday, May 30th, 2023

  • 2023 Illinois River 120-Day Closure – ACBL has now cleared out all equipment Marseilles north and will not return running the area until the 120-day closure has come to an end. As the reopening gets closer ACBL will provide updates on the plans to redeliver in the area.
  • Lower Miss Revetment (LM 933) – Daily Closure to southbound traffic began May 13th with closures from 07:00 until 18:00; expected to last 60 days and to delay transit by 12-to-18 hours. Industry will see a reprieve from this work 5/19 through 5/27, as the contractor has let USCG and Industry know there will be a break over the next week.
  • Bayou Sorrel Lock Closure (PA 37) – Daily closures are expected to resume June 6th to facilitate guide wall repairs from 07:00 to 16:00. More details regarding completion are to be determined.
  • Industrial Lock Congestion (EC 0) – Due to increased industry traffic, lockage at Industrial Lock is delaying boats 1-2 days. Expected to continue going forward due to volumes in the Michoud area and greater East Canal.
  • Colorado Lock Closure (WC 440) – Work at the lock resumed December 5th, 2022, and is projected thru June 2nd, 2023, from 07:00 to 19:00. Currently experiencing minimal delay.

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